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Sarab Dhanjal: Profile

“Creativity is the key to problem solving and pushing the envelope. Showcasing a house requires intuition, expertise and determination to attract the right buyers. If an agent doesn’t possess those traits, don’t expect the best outcome. With Sara Realty, that’s our foundation. 

Being a self-motivated entrepreneur, having a desire to control my own professional destiny and be my own boss are traits I share with my fellow real estate elite. In my perception, success in real estate can be attributed to a high degree of self-motivation, drive, and wit as well as honesty & integrity. 

Having the tenacity to pursue every lead and the hustle to market my clients’ properties effectively, has lead to an increasing number of opportunities and successes. Being trained as an architect, I have an instinctive awe for design and houses that push perceptions of the norm, as well as those whose potential are yet to be seen.  The minutiae of different architectural styles are often looked over by agents when inspecting a home, and that’s where my skill set comes to use. Marketing a property requires more than just a brief outlook of features such as bedrooms, bathrooms etc., the potential of the home is what needs to be picked up and advertised. 

Attention to detail is imperative for any real estate career, as the ability to accomodate your client’s individual needs equates to confidence, rapport and moreover trust which is the foundation of any long-lasting professional relationship. An in-depth understanding of the local housing market allowed me to identify and develop a niche in the real estate industry, and distinguish myself from the abundance of agents out there. 

Integrity, honesty and drive are assets only the elite can master, which is why Sara Realty should be the first option for anyone looking for a professional real estate service which serves their needs and exceeds their expectations.”


Kiran Singh